Does Smoking Cigarettes Cause Weight Loss?

Does smoking cigarettes cause weight loss? The short answer is “no.” In fact, there are those smokers who can not believe that their addiction to nicotine has caused them to lose weight.

It is indeed not uncommon for cigarette smokers to want to believe that quitting smoking can lead to weight loss because of the desire to look good in a bathing suit, and because they think smoking can make them look younger than they really are. However, the results of this theory are generally a bit misleading.

While some people claim that they lose weight while they smoke, and many others have even been successful at it, there is no solid evidence that there is any link between smoking and losing weight. That is why many people do not want to believe that cigarettes have anything to do with the weight they are losing.

Before you decide whether or not smoking is to blame for your weight loss, you first need to understand what happens when you smoke. The process that occurs inside your body as you take in nicotine and then release the nicotine back into your bloodstream involves other chemicals as well. One of these chemicals is called cotinine.

Cotinine is a compound that you get from smoking cigarettes. This compound is a by-product of nicotine, and you may not be aware of it. While your body absorbs and releases nicotine throughout the day, this is what happens in your bloodstream as the nicotine is released and then goes through your bloodstream.

What does cotinine do? When you smoke cigarettes, the cotinine levels go up. Cotinine causes your body to release more adrenaline than it normally would, which can ultimately result in weight loss because of the fact that your heart will pump out more blood.

The nicotine content in cigarettes is different than that in other kinds of tobacco. While cigarettes have more nicotine in them, other tobacco has nicotine content that is lower. So while you may not get the same effects from cigarettes as you do from cigarettes made from other tobacco, there is not a noticeable difference.

The answer to the question does smoking cigarettes cause weight loss is that cotinine causes your body to release more adrenaline, which increases your metabolism, and this in turn leads to more energy to burn off fat. Some people claim that they have gained weight when they have stopped smoking.

That is because of the change in metabolism that is created when you stop smoking. The increased metabolism is actually what caused your body to gain weight in the first place. Many times, the extra fat you gain has nothing to do with smoking, but with weight loss due to a drop in your metabolism.

While you do lose some weight when you stop smoking, the loss is not usually significant enough to make any big impact on the way you look. Even if you have a twenty-five pound belly, you are unlikely to be a professional athlete or an actor.

Do cigarettes cause weight loss? The answer is “no,” but that does not mean that smoking is not still a bad habit. That is why you should always talk to your doctor about other healthy habits, like exercising regularly, so that you can get the most benefit from them.