1691 Central Street, Denver, CO 80211

We opened Central with one goal: to be a true American restaurant. For us, this meant drawing on our many different dining experiences and assembling them in a way that held meaning for us and for our guests.

To this end, we’ve created cuisine that is inspired not only by the best ingredients, but also from Chef’s collection of recipes and by the exquisite technique and presentation by some of the best chefs in the country. We make fine food but without the side of pretense. It’s inspired and very clever but also deeply nourishing and satisfying.

We’ve built a remarkable space with beautiful color. Concrete columns and raw boxcar material provide the structure and modern lighting and fixtures round out the room. The restaurant is punctuated with pieces from Isiah’s massive collection of Denver vintage finds. These tokens of the past tell a story and express our desire to be seen as an authentic, community-based restaurant.

Most importantly, we’ve created a culture that allows us to take care of you. We want our guests to come together with friends and family to relax and reminisce. We want to spoil, delight and pamper you a bit. We want you to feel like you matter and to know that we have your back.

We love our slice of America: the way the sunset looks against the city skyline, the sound of laughter from our patio, the chilled glass of wine poured at the bar, the roasted chicken being plated in the kitchen…It connects us to each other and provides a shared understanding of what matters most in life. Eating, drinking, nurturing…it’s all Central.
We hope to see you soon.


Isiah & Central Bistro Staff.

Owner/Managing Partner, Isiah Salazar

A Colorado native, Isiah received a degree in Business Administration in 2006 and Construction Management in 2009 at Colorado State University. He quickly turned his business acumen to the food world by co-founding Denver Dining Services, a food, beverage and hospitality company.

In 2006, Isiah joined Central Street Capital, where he manages all construction projects for his family run investment management company. He has more than a dozen projects under his belt ranging from student housing to luxury condominiums and is proud to have overseen all of the construction and design for Central Bistro & Bar.

His most formative culinary experience came in 2005 when he lived in Spain for six months. There, his host family gave him a first hand experience of the joy that comes with cooking and sharing great food and wine. He loved the ease and spirit they brought to preparing and sharing everyday meals.